Cards for honest conversations about feelings

I've been working really hard over the past few years to respond to all the invaluable feedback I have received about my work, and I'm so excited to announce that 'my illustrated mind: cards for honest conversations about feelings' has now been launched on Kickstarter!


I decided to self-publish so that I could have full creative control and ensure that these cards maintained their authenticity, which I think is the most important thing about them. I chose a crowdfunding route to help me fund this final step, because this project has been self-funded to date and also, because these cards evolved as a response to all of you wonderful people, and so keeping hold of this connection felt very important to me.

For full details about the cards and to get your own deck of cards, please visit my Kickstarter page. Only available for 30 days until 11 May 2021.

Thank you so much for your support!


These cards would not have been possible without the support from so many people. In particular my mentor Joanna Stevens, graphic design support by Rhoda Villegas, feedback from my wonderful Twitter and Instagram followers, and many, many others including my friends and family. My heartfelt thanks.

I'm also grateful to the SANE Creative Awards Scheme for awarding me £150 towards my creative endeavours, which helped support some of this work.

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