As a response to overwhelming feedback, I am using my work to create flashcards for use as an educational, therapeutic and communication tool

What are they?

Each card will consist of illustration and text. At present, they will be based on my personal experiences of mental illness. However, they will not be diagnostic specific, but rather focus on a history of trauma and abusive or adverse childhood experiences. These are themes that are common to many mental health conditions. They will be grouped into common themes and into a narrative sequence.

Comments, queries or want updates? Then please get in touch!

Who are they intended for?

  1. People with personal experience of mental health issues

  2. Mental health professionals, including trainees and students.

  3. People with an interest in mental health, trauma, graphic medicine or arts in health.

What is their intended purpose?

  1. As a means for people to gain a deeper understanding into their own or other's mental health issues.

  2. As a therapeutic tool to encourage the development of a healthy adult response.

  3. To facilitate the communication of hard to describe thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

  4. As an educational resource for training purposes.

  5. As a tool to encourage people to use creativity to understand themselves better and to help them communicate experiences that are difficult to articulate with words alone.

Where can they be used?

Anywhere! Including within and outside therapy settings.


Who is doing this work?

Just me at the moment! However, I am actively considering routes to help me with this work. These include, crowdfunding and obtaining formal research funding. I am also involving people with personal experience of mental health issues and mental health professionals throughout the entire process.

What is the current status?

I collected feedback from people, including those with personal experience of mental health issues and mental health professional, via an anonymous online survey. I am using these responses to inform the design of my first prototype.

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